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Madrid life in all its glorious Madridness

This post is part of our series on places to have a drink as well as the series on bookshops. This time’s recommendation is perhaps not so close to the school, but what a great place it is. A slightly eccentric bohemian champañería (champagne bar) with poetry readings and spectacular sunsets with a view over […]

Reasons to do an Intensive Spanish Course

Learning Spanish is becoming more and more popular these days, as well as combining the learning activity with the experience of living in a Spanish speaking country. So as opposed to say, using an online app or private lessons or just learning from people around you, to get the most out of a stay abroad […]

The Cuesta de Moyano book market

What is there not to love: with its back against the botanical gardens, little old wooden cabins stuffed to the rafters with books on every theme you can imagine, from 19th century erotic prints to a first edition of Harry Potter in English. Located on a sloping pedestrian street which leads from the Retiro to […]

Ode to a local bar in Madrid

This is our second post on places to go to eat or drink closeby to the school. This is an ode to a local bar in Madrid. This bar will not feature in any guide, it won’t become a lonely planet hotspot or feature in a New York times article entitled something like ‘If you […]

Tips for choosing a Spanish school in Madrid

Alright, you are thinking how to choose the best Spanish school in Madrid! You have already shown considerable wisdom in your choice of location, let’s stay on a roll and see some tips for choosing a Spanish school in Madrid. Now you may be wondering why this Spanish school in Madrid would offer advice on […]

Take a literary Chill Pill in Madrid

Alright…. You’ve made it to Madrid, you’ve started Spanish classes at Cronopios Idiomas and love reading books? No worries, take a literary chill pill in Madrid and imagine a bookshop where the books are free. Ok, now imagine one where they are as good as free. Tuuulibreria is just that; a small chain of charity […]

Spanish Republican romanticism

So you’ve come to Spain, and are looking for some of that Spanish Republican romanticism? You’ve read Orwell and Hemingway and now want to feel a bit what they felt, but you’re on your lunch break from Spanish classes at Cronopios Idiomas? Then El Alambique Taberna (calle Fúcar 7) is one really good place to […]

Our school is surrounded by art

We are lucky enough to find our school located right in the middle of the so called Triangulo del Arte, or golden triangle of art. Yes, it’s a bit of a touristy name, but you have to admit it has a catchy ring to it. The reason the triangle has been given this name is […]

The almond trees begin to blossom

When spring approaches and the sunlight feels warmer, the almond trees begin to blossom. In Madrid you can enjoy this natural phenomenon at the Quinta de los Molinos Park. This park is in the northeast of the city and can be reached by Metro (line 5: Suanzes station). In addition to the almond trees, there […]

Working conditions for SFL teachers

SFL teachers undergo tremendous stress: they love their job and take the preparation of their classes very seriously; however, the working conditions for SFL teachers are bad in most schools. Students usually don’t feel this tension: the teachers are very professional and they want the best for their students. But who is responsible for this […]