Activities to practice Spanish

Our school offers a program of activities to practice Spanish outside of class hours so that our students can have fun, meet people and enjoy our wonderful city. Afternoon activities are included in all courses as an additional service offered by the school. We always recommend participating in the activities because it improves the learning process, but attendance is voluntary. Every afternoon from Monday to Friday, once classes are over, there are different activities such as cultural visits, language exchanges, excursions to parks or encounters to drink ‘cañas’ and tapas.

Weekly program of activities to practice Spanish


Guided routes through the city: There are literally hundreds of stories and legends about the streets of the old quarter of Madrid. The best way to discover these is to wander around in the company of our guide amusingly regaling you with all his knowledge about royal dynasties, legendary characters, mysteries, myths and legends.


Neighborhood walking tours: our city is diverse and is composed by the identity of its neighborhoods, its people and its emblematic places. Knowing firsthand what there is to do in each of them and what their particular charms are allows our students to construct a mental map of the city.


Visits to museums and cultural centres: Madrid stands out for its museums, some of which are among the most important in the world, such as the Prado Museum, the Reina Sofía and the Thyssen-Bornemisza. In addition to the great art galleries, there is a great variety of artistic and cultural spaces related to the history of the city and contemporary art.


Language exchanges: these events are very popular, involve Spanish speakers and are organized for people to have a great time. Our students, accompanied by a guide, participate in the language exchanges that are held regularly in different places in the city center.


Festive outing: if there is one thing that makes Madrid a special city it is its nightlife, its central streets full of people wanting to have a good time and its wide range of music. On Fridays we finish the week enjoying the famous Madrid night in the most popular areas of the city.