One-to-One Spanish lessons

Our One-to-one Spanish lessons are custom-made, so that you practice and learn what you need: grammar, oral communication or help with all those doubts that you have never resolved.

If you are enroled in one of our intensive courses, you can add one or more one-to-one Spanish lessons to it, or take them separately. The schedule and number of hours are subject to the teachers’ advice and to availability.

If you don’t want to take any intensive course, and you just need one-to-one lessons to improve your fluency in Spanish or you are looking for a Business Spanish course, just let us know and we will design a custom made programme for you.

If you need classes totally adapted to your needs, at Cronopios Idiomas we offer you the option of private Spanish classes, so that you can learn Spanish at your own pace. Many people do not have time to attend classes, at Cronopios Idiomas you can have personalized lessons through which you can improve or begin to communicate.

Individual classes in Spanish are also the best solution if you want to learn Spanish quickly: the teacher focuses on your needs and you can progress at your own pace. If you need private Spanish classes, contact us, you will learn everything you need through a personalized program.

We use our own method when working with people who need to learn Spanish in the shortest time possible, this method is based on four basic ideas:

  • Communication: We know that your main objective is to communicate and with us you will practice oral communication and use new vocabulary every day.
  • Integration: In addition to communicative expression, you will practice reading comprehension, written expression and listening comprehension in an integrated way.
  • Materials: you will work with the most advanced materials and perform fun activities related to everyday life to motivate you and facilitate your learning.
  • Evaluation: it is important to evaluate your progress and you will have the opportunity to take exams similar to the official Spanish exams.

The content of our private classes is established directly by the student in collaboration with their teacher. Most of the time, students want to learn general Spanish, but sometimes, some people need to learn a specific part of the language. If you are looking for individual Spanish classes related to business or any other specific subject, we can help you with classes adapted to your needs.

One-to-one Spanish lessons includes

· Spanish level tests before and during the course
· Course book and learning materials
· Study certificate
· 5 fun afternoon activities
· Free access to WI-FI and computers in the common room
· Free access to our library and video library

One-to-one Spanish lessons

  • Price
  • €30 per hour
  • Schedule
  • Subject to availability

Paying in advance is not mandatory. You can pay upon arrival and save the cost of a transfer. If you require a visa, you must pay 30% of the amount in advance, excluding special conditions for each country. If you are denied a visa, we will return your advance payment in full, apart from the administrative costs incurred (€250). Check our TERMS & CONDITIONS.

Private Spanish classes

One way to learn Spanish is to attend private classes. A personal Spanish tutor facilitates learning because all the content focuses on the needs of the student, in addition, the work can be evaluated at any time and the student can overcome their difficulties quickly.

The individual classes are aimed both at people who only want to learn the language without specific objectives and at people who need an official Spanish certificate or need specific content. We have helped many people to pass the official Spanish exams, always successfully, especially to obtain the DELE certificate from the Instituto Cervantes. If you want to obtain this degree, our teachers are specialized in the preparation of official exams.

Private Spanish classes are the best way to learn to speak Spanish if you are busy and don’t have time to participate in a group. If you want to improve your Spanish while working or studying in Madrid, contract private classes with us and in a few lessons you will be able to improve, express yourself fluently in Spanish and learn the basic structures of the language.

One-to-One Spanish lessons

Personalized Spanish classes

The first thing we do before starting private classes is to determine each student’s level of Spanish. Obviously, there are differences between working with a person who already has a base and wants to improve their level and a person who has never studied the language.

Once we analyze the student’s knowledge of the language, we propose an adapted study plan to improve oral communication, expand vocabulary and reinforce grammar. Regardless of the student’s level, all of our classes will focus on a practical use of Spanish to help you communicate more fluently.

With individual classes you will gain confidence by practicing in a relaxed way and with the personal attention of a teacher who will solve all your issues immediately. This method is suitable for starting to speak Spanish or improving at your own pace.

At Cronopios we have helped many people around the world to learn Spanish with our private Spanish teacher service. Many of our private tuition students have obtained their official DELE certificate in Madrid, others have increased their knowledge of a specific part of the language or have started communicating without any previous knowledge. We adapt our Spanish classes to your level and your needs to learn Spanish.

Madrid is the perfect city to learn Spanish and practice the language with Spanish speakers. Our school offers you cultural activities every day from Monday to Friday where you can put into practice everything you learn in your private classes.