Can I become fluent in Spanish in a year?

These days, more and more people all around the world want to learn Spanish.  Our language is 471.4 million people’s mother tongue, only behind Mandarin Chinese, and it’s the official language in 21 different countries, as well as having a very strong presence in countries like the United States. Every year, thousands of students arrive […]

How to learn Spanish effectively

Studying a new language can be hard: new words, new grammar and a new culture, all mingled into one language that you have to speak fluently and understand fast. You may think that this can be only achieved by locking up in your room and studying for a trillion hours, but there are ways to […]

What’s the best way to learn Spanish?

What’s the best way to learn Spanish? is one of the most common questions students ask us when they come to our school Cronopios Idiomas. Today we would like to give a proper and detailed answer to it today in our blog. When people decide to learn a foreign language, they must know it will […]

How to obtain a student visa in Spain

You are not in Spain and you want to stay in Spain asking for a student visa. In this post we want to explain you how to obtain a student visa in Spain. Coming into Madrid to study Spanish is a great decision: you’re going to love our country. Normally there are two ways to […]

5 reasons to learn Spanish in Madrid

Join the club. Learn Spanish, a truly global language, only beaten by English and Chinese in numbers of speakers. A gateway to communication with half a billion people, to a massive range of cultures, to a different state of mind. Very well, you will be asking yourself where? Well, Spain obviously. Why? Here in this […]

Come to our Spanish school by bicycle

Some of our students come to our Spanish school by bicycle. Madrid has its own public bicycle scheme called biciMAD, it’s not particularly expensive, but more for incidental use, and it’s not always easy for foreigners to use because of registration issues and accepting foreign bank cards. Instead getting a second hand bike is your […]

CCSE exam

The CCSE exam is a test prepared by the Cervantes Institute that assesses whether you have enough knowledge about society, culture and the Constitution. The exam is one of the legal requirements that you need if you want to get te Spanish nationality. CCSE are the initials of Conocimientos Constitucionales y Socioculturales de España. Who […]

Spanish courses for level B2

Levels B1 and B2 represent the intermediate stage of mastery or independent use of the language, a fundamental stage in the consolidation of the language, with level B2 being the last before the level C1. B2 is where students achieve a sufficient range of linguistic and non-linguistic resources to participate in communicative exchanges with a […]

Communicative Spanish classes

Learning Spanish in a Spanish-speaking country is a fantastic opportunity to practice directly with native speakers. It is recommended to combine a stay in Madrid with communicative Spanish classes. Many ELE students come to the classroom with a fairly good grammatical level but very limited oral expression, because they have hardly had the opportunity to […]

Madrid life in all its glorious Madridness

This post is part of our series on places to have a drink as well as the series on bookshops. This time’s recommendation is perhaps not so close to the school, but what a great place it is. A slightly eccentric bohemian champañería (champagne bar) with poetry readings and spectacular sunsets with a view over […]