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Teachers work as a team and we focus on learning
quality and on personalized attention.

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We are a school managed by the teachers themselves. Our hallmark
is the close attention that our students receive.

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Our Spanish courses



It’s a perfect course for
quick learning at a
low price.



Designed to make the most
out of your stay in Madrid.
It’s valid for visa purposes.



Ideal for students who only
have a few weeks to learn
Spanish in Madrid.



If you need a visa, we offer a long-term course at a special price of €110 per week. Improve your Spanish with an in-person course of 15 hours of classes plus 5 hours of work in our Virtual Classroom per week.

Other Spanish courses


DELE Diplomas are the only official way to certify your level of Spanish. Our course will familiarise you with the test model, giving you the tools you need to face the exam with confidence.


Take Spanish classes from home and advance at your own pace. The teacher will propose you a work program according to your level, your priorities and the number of classes you have contracted.


You can add One-to-one lessons to your course, or take them separately. One-to-one lessons are custom-made, so that you practice and learn what you really need. The schedule and number of hours are subject to availability.

A different Spanish School

Accredited center by the Instituto Cervantes

CronopiosIdiomas has been accredited by Instituto Cervantes, which means it meets the conditions set by the Instituto Cervantes Accreditation System for Centres, the only international accreditation exclusively focused on the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language.

Centro Acreditado


I like your social commitment and the fact that yours is a teachers cooperative, I think this is a very nice way of running a language school.


There’s nobody so cheerful, kind and hospitable as people working at Cronopios Idiomas. Nice school. I strongly recommend you to go there!


Cronopios Idiomas is not only a great school to learn Spanish, but also a family. Besides, you have the opportunity to learn Spanish history and culture.


The experience exceeded my expectations: I met people from a lot of countries, I learnt a lot and I´m leaving looking forward to come back to Spain again.


My wife, Kate, and I, didn´t know anybody in  Madrid, but once we got to Cronopios, we felt at home, it´s a special place!


I loved my time here at the school. Everyone is very welcoming and patient. I hope to come back in the future.


So much fun and a bunch of really helpfull people there, 100% recommendation.


The structure of the classes is great. You can learn Spanish in a very short time.


A different way to learn Spanish in Madrid

If you want to learn Spanish in Madrid and you’re looking for a friendly school with a homey atmosphere; a school in which lessons are fun and communicative, held in small groups (twelve students max.), our school must be your choice.

In our lessons, we follow the Task-based approach, a teaching method based on activities in which students participate and communicate through games and tasks that have a direct connection to real life.

We know that living in another country sometimes produces a degree of stress. In our school we do our best to make you feel comfortable. Cronopios Idiomas is a co-operative enterprise. Teachers are a great team and we manage the school together. Our students receive personal friendly attention, creating a great atmosphere at the school.

Learn Spanish in Madrid, and share a great experience with us.

Learn Spanish in Madrid

We are part of

Cronopios Idiomas is a cooperative Company. It’s owned and run by its members according to the cooperative principles: democracy, solidarity and environmental responsibility. We believe in a new economy model: one that exists for the sake of the people, and we try to play our part in its development through participation in projects such as the production and distribution cooperative network Mercado Social de Madrid, and the credit co-op Coop57.

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Learn Spanish in Madrid – Spanish Language School

If you’re looking for a language school in Madrid to learn Spanish, at Cronopios Idiomas we can help you learn the language quickly. You can also get your official language certificate with us, since we are qualified by Instituto Cervantes as one of the academies in Madrid which provide classes according to their standards and we are an official examination centre. The best way to achieve real Spanish immersion in Spain is to take part in the culture by experiencing the lifestyle and traditions. At Cronopios Idiomas we provide you with different activities to enjoy Madrid.

We offer Spanish courses according to different levels, so if you’re coming to Spain and you have never studied the language before you can join us and learn in classes with 6-10 students, as well as enjoying activities in Madrid to get to know the city.

We work to offer a personalised and friendly service with dynamic Spanish classes in Madrid, because everything is easier if you are having fun and have the opportunity to meet other people who are learning the language like yourself.

Our teachers, all native speakers, will teach you all you need to know about the language, the city and the country. If you need an official document to prove your Spanish level, we’ll help you get a certificate from Instituto Cervantes, the most important institution in the world responsible for promoting the study and the teaching of Spanish language.

Learning Spanish in Madrid isn’t just learning a language, it’s experiencing the life in one of the main capital cities in Europe. Spanish lessons in Madrid are, of course, very important, but it’s easier to learn if you can use that knowledge in a practical way, speaking Spanish with other people, in a typical Spanish environment. Studying Spanish in Madrid can’t be just memorizing words in a classroom, that’s useless! With Cronopios you have the opportunity to get to know a particular culture, full of experiences that you’ll never forget.

Spanish classes in Madrid

We have different courses depending on your time and your needs. Main courses are based on  intensive learning, consisting of 15, 20 or 22 hours. Within a short time you’ll be speaking Spanish even with locals.

We want to provide you with the perfect course according to your goals, so we have other possibilities such as our DELE courses. You’ll study in adapted classes to obtain your Spanish certificate.

You can always add more hours to your course if you need to. In this time you can learn all the things that you need, depending on your goals.

Language schools in Madrid usually offer a teaching based on learning in classrooms, forgetting that the most important thing to learn a language is to put into practice all the things you learned. We will instead help you speak and understand Spanish from a practical point of view.

Cronopios Idiomas– Spanish language school in Madrid

If you want to learn Spanish in Madrid just get in touch. Our classes are based on communicative activities, to help you speak and understand properly. We organise exclusive activities in Madrid to get to know the city and the culture, the best way to help you communicate correctly is by using the language in a practical way.

Sometimes it’s difficult to live in a foreign country if you’re not fluent in the language, but we will help you feel confortable and discover all the things that Madrid has to offer for everybody. Our main goal is to help you communicate in Spanish, and also we certainly want you to obtain your official certificate.

We think of ourselves as a family, all our students enjoy a relaxed environment where learning is very important, but supporting each other is essential. Teachers are ready to help you from day one, so if you need something just ask, we want to support you in this new adventure.

Sometimes, Spanish language schools in Madrid forget how important it is to have real life experiences. Making small talk in a typical bar can teach us much more than memorizing a long list of words, at Cronopios Idiomas we take the grammar very seriously, but we also work every day with the practical part of the language.

Enjoy your Spanish immersion in Spain

We work in a different way than other Spanish academies: we organise special activities beyond the classroom, to show you the city in a different way. Living in a different country means that you have to get used to new habits, we think that this city is wonderful and we want to share it with you while you are living a Spanish experience.

Madrid is a city with hundreds of things to do. Museo del Prado, Reina Sofía and Thyssen are three of the best museums in the world, you will visit them and other places of the city such as parks as Retiro Park, the essential sights and, of course, we always have time to stop for a while and drink a beer with a typical tapa.

If you are looking for accommodation in Madrid, we have our own network to provide you with the best place. You can live with a Spanish family in Madrid, you can share a flat with more students or you can live in a hotel: choose your option, we will take care of it for you. If you need a visa to stay in Spain and you don’t have it yet we can help you get that as well. From the moment of our students’ arrival we work to make their stay in Madrid easier. Living in a foreign country isn’t easy sometimes, so everyone needs some help at the beginning. If you have any special needs or requirements just tell us, we will always try to help you.

There are many language schools in Madrid, but none of them are like ours. If you need more information about the courses and other services do contact us, we’re waiting for you.