a) You have to collect these documents:

  • Tax. form no. 790 (Code 012). You will have to ask for this previously at our school, and then pay it (15,45€) at any bank office.
  • EX 17 form.
  • Passport or national ID card (original and copy).
  • One passport photograph.
  • The appointment ticket (see b).

b) You have to ask for an appointment on following these steps:

* For NON EU students:

→ Servicios → Extranjería → Cita previa → Acceder al procedimiento → Provincia: Madrid → Trámites disponibles: expedición de tarjeta de identidad de extranjero (HUELLA) → Cumplimentar datos

* For EU students:

→ Servicios → Extranjería → Cita previa → Acceder al procedimiento → Provincia: Madrid → Trámites disponibles: Certificados UE → Cumplimentar datos


* NON EU students

Brigada Provincial de Extranjería y Fronteras

Avenida de los Poblados s/n

Schedule: 9:00 a.m. – 13:30 p.m.

Bus: 121, 131, 138, 139, 155

* EU students

Brigada Provincial de Extranjería Fronteras

C/ Padre Piquer 18, 28024

Schedule: 08:30 a.m. – 13:00 p.m.

Metro: Campamento (L5)


On this website you can find all the public hospitals and practitioners, as well as all the pharmacies available in Madrid:

If you need medical assistance, just call the free phone number 112.

Students from non EU countries should organise private health insurance for their stay in Madrid. You can do this in your country or in Spain. One of the many companies offering this service for students is Mapfre.


If you want to open a bank account, we recommend the following options:

a) ING direct: an online bank. You will be able to withdraw money from every 4b ATM.
For more info, go to C/ San Bernardo, 116, 28015 Madrid or call (+34) 901 10 51 15.

b) Banco Santander: in order to open an account with this bank, you have to show your passport or NIE and a document that demonstrates your income as a worker. If you are a student only, and you are not going to work in Madrid, you have to identify yourself as a student (Cronopios certificate, university enrolment, etc.).

Madrid – International Office

Office 6792

Address: C/ Carretas, 12. 28012 MADRID

Phone: (+34) 91 522 32 45


For a mobile phone connection, we recommend Pepephone. Check out all the info at


If you want to share an apartment, live with a Spanish family and fully immerse yourself in Spanish culture: we can offer the best options for you.

If you prefer to look for an apartment by yourself, we recommend these websites:, or

Language exchange

An excellent complement to Cronopios lessons is to participate in a linguistic exchange. Our school cooperates with Se habla español, a company devoted to international students: they organize meetings where you can get to know new people while practicing Spanish.

Other bars and groups:



Madrid has a large and efficient public transport network. From 6:00 to 1:30 everyday, 12 metro lines take you all around the city. One way and ten trips tickets can be bought at any station.

Combined Bus-Metro tickets are also available at metro stations, tobacco shops and kiosks.


You can also take bus lines which take you to those areas that the metro doesn’t reach. To move around at night you have night buses that run from 00:30. All night lines depart from Plaza de Cibeles. You can buy the tickets from the bus driver.


To travel to the outskirts of Madrid, train is the best option: Cercanías Renfe. You can buy the tickets at the stations.


If you’re planning to use public transport very frequently, there other options apart from single tickets:

Tourist Transport Season Ticket: for 1, 2, 3, 5 and 7 days.

30-Day Season Ticket: rechargeable card in which you may put a ticket for unlimited journeys in a month.


BiciMAD is a public bicycle renting system in the central area of Madrid. This new service allows you to move around Madrid for a low price, in a green and fun way. The total number of bikes is 1.580, distributed over 123 different points. In front of the school you will find two bike points.

There are also many private companies that offer this service all around the city centre.

Cost of living

Madrid is a major European city, but it’s not so expensive. The biggest expense you will encounter during your stay in Madrid will be accommodation. That’s why we recommend staying with a family as the cheapest and most convenient option for short stays, and shared apartment for long stays.

Take a look at the following prices of everyday products:

  • Coffee: 1.25€
  • Breakfast at a bar: between 2 and 4€
  • A beer: 2€
  • Loaf of bread: 0.70€
  • Lunchtime set menu at a bar: 10 – 15€
  • One way metro or bus ticket: 1.50€
  • 10 trips metro-bus ticket: 12€
  • 30-Day Season Ticket: 54,60€
  • 30-Day Season Ticket for young people (up to 23 years of age): 35,00€
  • Newspaper: 1.20€ (on Sundays they can be more expensive).
  • Cinema ticket: 9.00€
  • Internet connection: 35€ per month.
Tourist info

The official tourist office publishes very good brochures every year:

And a monthly magazine full of info about festivals, cultural activities, etc.