Intensive Spanish courses in Madrid

Learning this language with intensive Spanish courses is the fastest way to acquire all the knowledge that you need to communicate in Spanish. Intensive Spanish is a method made for people who need a quick base of Spanish, or students who have some experience with this language in the past, and now want to refresh their capability.

Every year we receive people who need to learn Spanish quickly, and in a few weeks we help them acquire long-term communicative skills which will be used throughout their lives.

Why are intensive courses so popular? These days it’s difficult to have time to study a language in full, therefore more and more people use a period of time or their holidays to travel to a foreign country and participate in a cultural immersion programme.

Intensive courses do not require a lot of time of study, a few weeks are enough to obtain good results.  At Cronopios you will find intensive Spanish courses in Madrid, for people who need to improve their Spanish and who also want to enjoy Spanish culture.

intensive Spanish courses

Learn Spanish in few weeks

If you have just a few weeks, you have enough time to learn Spanish. We have experience working with all types of people, as we have different courses adapted to different levels.

For some people this is the first time they learn a new language, others need to improve their level of Spanish and acquire communication skills in a real-life environment, where they’re able to interact with Spanish-speaking people. The courses at Cronopios are adapted to different levels, in just a few weeks you will be able to speak Spanish while you have one of the best experiences of your life.

In a few weeks you can start to communicate in Spanish, even if you have never studied this language before. If you want to improve your Spanish level, you now have the opportunity to learn with a very effective immersion technique, while you discover Spanish culture first-hand.

All our courses mix theoretical classes with practical experiences. To learn a language you will need study the grammar, but this work is most effectively internalized when you use it every day in the classes. Besides, everybody needs to put into practise this knowledge, so we provide you with cultural visits and leisure activities, to help you speak and understand this language.

intensive Spanish courses


Madrid is the perfect place to follow intensive Spanish courses. This city is the capital of Spain, here you can encounter all the history of the country.

In Madrid you can visit some of the best museums in the world, like El Prado, Museo Thyssen and Museo Reina Sofía, in these art centres you will find works by Goya, Velázquez, El Bosco, Dalí, Picasso and much more, Madrid is truly a city of art.

Other cultural activities that you can enjoy here are the opera palace, the National Archaeological Museum, the Museum of  Natural Sciences and much more.

But Madrid is also about leisure. Many of the people who come to Spain do it for our gastronomy. Spain is a country with an endless gastronomic tradition, which also offers its visitors the best of our cuisine.

Enjoying an afternoon of tapas is an unforgettable experience, you can taste all kind of flavours, from sea food tapas to some of the best meats in the world, accompanied by fresh vegetables and other authentic ingredients.

Our intensive Spanish courses are not only based in classroom activities, obviously when a person is learning a language, it’s important to practise it. The best way to test the level of knowledge is to put into practice all that we’ve learned with Spanish-speaking people in real situations. Sometimes we may have complete knowledge of a language, but we don’t dare to practice with Spanish people because we lack confidence. In Cronopios we help you speak and understand Spanish from the first day, while you discover an exciting new country.

Are you looking for intensive Spanish language courses? Just contact us, we work with people with different levels, focusing on the practical part of the language. If you have tried to learn Spanish several times and your level isn’t good enough to communicate correctly, this is the best opportunity for you to learn everything you need in just a few weeks, enjoying Madrid and living an experience that you will never forget.

intensive Spanish courses


Our Spanish school is accredited by the Instituto Cervantes. This guarantees that our intensive Spanish courses achieve the highest standards of quality: we use the best teaching methods and most current materials plus our teachers are specialists in teaching Spanish. We also organise a variety of interesting and varied cultural activities.

Our school is a co-operative establishment, this means that the teachers and admin staff are the owners and are involved in 100% of everything we do. We collaborate as a team daily to constantly improve how we work every day; we assess our work and pay the closest attention to detail so that there is always a great atmosphere in the school.

  • 10 hours of classes per week
  • 5 after-school activities per week
  • 15 hours of classes per week
  • 5 after-school activities per week