DELE Spanish preparation course

Our DELE Spanish Preparation Course has been specifically designed to prepare for the DELE exams for each of the six official levels.

The DELE exams officially certify your level of Spanish. They are organized by the Cervantes Institute, and take place several times a year in 33 Spanish cities and more than 270 centers abroad: you can take the exam in Madrid or in a center in your country. Our school, being a center accredited by the Cervantes Institute, has professionals specialized in the preparation for the DELE exams.

The DELE Preparation Course takes place four weeks before each round of exams, and is contracted in weekly modules of 8 hours. During the course examples of exams from previous years are practiced in each of its parts: reading comprehension, listening comprehension, written expression and interaction and oral expression and interaction.

Preparation Course may be combined with our intensive courses. There is also the possibility of preparing the DELE through a program of private lessons.

DELE Spanish preparation course

DELE examination dates 2021

February 19thA2, B1, B2, C1
April 9th A1, A2, B1, B2, C1
May 22ndA1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2
July 9th A2, B1, B2, C1
September 10thA2
October 8thA2, B1, B2
November 13thA1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2

DELE Spanish Preparation Course includes:

· 8 real hours of classes per week
· Book and learning materials
· Level tests before and during the course
· Study certificate
· Welcoming appetizer every Monday at 13:20
· Language exchange activities
· 5 fun afternoon activities
· Free access to WI-FI and computers in the common room
· Free access to our library and video library

DELE Spanish Preparation Course

Hours per week8 hours
Schedule14:00h – 16:00h
Weeks1 – 4 weeks
Price€100 per week
Enrolment fee: €35

Paying in advance is not mandatory. You can pay upon arrival and save the cost of a transfer. If you require a visa you must pay for half of the course in advance. If for whatever reason it is ultimately denied, you’ll be refunded 100% of the total amount of the course, with the exception of administrative costs (€150). Check our TERMS & CONDITIONS.

DELE Spanish preparation course in Madrid

The DELE course is an official certificate promoted by Instituto Cervantes, the main Spanish language institution throughout the world. The DELE exam is a test which evaluates a person’s knowledge of Spanish, if the student passes the exam, he will get a DELE certification, an official title that confirms the student’s knowledge of the language.

The DELE title, issued by the Instituto Cervantes, is recognised in all the Spanish-speaking countries, because it certifies that the student knows the language, is able to communicate in Spanish and understands the language, although the level depends on the title obtained.

There are six different exams. The official Spanish certificates are obtained corresponding to the level that the students have chosen to prepare. At Cronopios we help you to prepare all the exams in order to get the most important Spanish credential and learn the language correctly.

Get your DELE certification with Cronopios

We have helped many students to obtain their official Spanish certificate. We all work at different levels andtherefore, our classes are adapted to the current level of each person.

Many people come to our language school without any previous knowledge, in just a few weeks they start communicating and soon after, they can get their first official DELE certificate. With time, their level improves and they can aim for more difficult certificates, just by following our intensive courses and DELE preparation courses.

It doesn’t matter if you have never spoken Spanish, we help you to learn from the first day and put it in practise, so you can communicate in this language and get your degree.

DELE exams

DELE exams include different parts, which test the level and capabilities of each student. The reading comprehension is very important to learn any language, that is why it is evaluated in this exam, and the written expression of the student is also taken into account.

Another very important part of the exam is auditory comprehension, in which the student must be able to understand and interpret the language through listening. Finally, the oral expression of every student is evaluated.

The main objective is to analyse the abilities of the student. Based on their knowledge, an official certificated is granted, which shows that the person is capable of communicate in Spanish at a certain level.

Certificates are arranged in six different levels, which are the following.


The Spanish diploma DELE A1 accredits a competence enough to understand and use everyday expressions of very frequent use. A person with this title can ask and give basic personal information about oneself, and even interact with speakers in Spanish if they speak slowly and clearly.


The Spanish diploma DELE A2 certifies that the candidate is able to understand frequently used phrases and expressions related with common topics like himself, the family, routines, places of interest, etc. A2 title allows to interact with people with easy conversations, describing, for example, regular things about his life or immediate needs.


Spanish diploma DELE B1 accredits the ability of the pupil to use the language to understand the main topics of oral and written texts, specially if they speak about regular topics. Getting this diploma, you can generate simple and coherent texts on familiar topics, like descriptions, opinions, etc.


DELE B2 shows the ability of the user to understand the essential in complex texts, both oral and written, even if they deal with abstracts or technical topics. A pupil would be able to speak with fluency and naturalness about all kind of topics, including conversations in which you have to defend a point of view.


A pupil who gets DELE C1 is able to understand and write a wide variety of oral and written texts, even recognizing in them implicit meanings, attitudes and intentions. The pupil can express oneself with fluency, spontaneity without effort, to always find the right expression to the situation and context, whether it is framed in the social or academic field. The pupil could use the language with flexibility and efficiency, demonstrating always a correct use with complex structures.


The Spanish diploma DELE C2 accredits the ability of the pupil to perform in any situation in which it is required to understand virtually everything that is heard or read, regardless of the complexity, abstraction or topic of the text. The pupil could express oneself spontaneously with a great fluency and enormous semantic and grammatical precision, which allows to differentiate shades of meanings, even in academic environments.

We help you to prepare the official DELE exam depending on your current level. You can work with us to improve your Spanish and get the DELE certification which you need. We can help you communicate in Spanish within a short time by putting into practise everything you learn in our intensive courses and DELE preparation courses.