• Accredited Center

    Our Spanish school is accredited by the Instituto Cervantes. This guarantees that our Spanish courses achieve the highest standards of quality: we use the best teaching methods and most current materials plus our teachers are specialists in teaching Spanish. We also organise a variety of interesting and varied cultural activities.

  • Right in the heart of Madrid

    Cronopios Idiomas is located right in the city center in Calle Espalter 12, a stone’s throw away from Paseo del Prado, one of the main arteries of the city. We are also very close to the Retiro Park and Madrid’s most important museums: Museo del PradoThe Reina Sofía and Thyssen-Bornemisza.

    Our school is easily reached by Metro (2 lines: Atocha and Retiro), by bus or by train (Atocha-RENFE).

  • A welcoming school

    Our school is small, this makes it easy to feel comfortable, meet people and make friends. We understand it can sometimes be hard travelling to another country so far from your friends and family, so we do everything possible to help you feel settled. In our school, students, teachers and staff form one big family and between us we create an environment to not only learn, but where learning is fun.

  • International environment

    At Cronopios Idiomas we have an international environment where there is no predominant nationality. We have students from all over the world and we work to ensure it will always be this way. We believe it is important at our school that the students meet people from different countries and therefore receive the most enriching experience possible.

  • Specialised and motivated teachers

    All our teachers are specialists in teaching languages; they each have had specific training and gained years of teaching experience. Our methods of teaching have been certified by the Instituto Cervantes after thorough assessments. However, the most important point is our motivation! The teachers who set up Cronopios Idiomas did so with all the enthusiasm in the world. Our dream is to be as happy as possible doing the very best in our jobs.

  • Learning by doing

    We use the most advanced methods of teaching Spanish: using a task-based approach. The aim is that students learn through actual use of the Spanish language by doing fun activities, communicating and relating to real life situations. Grammar, of course, is fundamental and we do teach it, but we believe that class participation is the best way to learn it and use it.

  • Small groups

    Our courses are organised in small groups with a maximum of ten students per class. The students work in teams performing practical and communicative tasks. In this way, the students learn in both a fun and an effective manner at the same time.

  • Actual hours per week

    Many schools speak of “lessons” yet fail to mention the number of actual hours their courses are per week. Why might they do this? In reality, this is a commercial strategy; one lesson = 45 or 50 minutes. We do not use the term “lessons”, we use actual hours: one hour = 60 minutes. Our main courses have a name that relates to the quantity of hours each week:

    • Intensive 15 = 15 full hours per week
    • Intensive 20 = 20 full hours per week
    • Intensive 22 = 22 full hours per week
  • The best value

    We are a school managed by a team of teachers, so quality teaching is our priority. Our methods of teaching and our educational materials are accredited by the Instituto Cervantes, however, the prices of our courses and enrolment fees are lower than the majority of other schools. We offer both quality teaching, and affordable courses. So how is this possible? Our main goal is not money, but to acquire a fair wage and be happy doing what we love; teaching and managing our own school in the best way.

  • Personalised attention

    It is very important for us that our students are happy and feel comfortable in our school. Pedro, who is responsible for attending to the needs of our students, has fantastic people skills and handles with great care everything a student may require regarding advice and assistance for their time with us. Pedro can help you book the most suitable course, buy tickets, find cultural activities and a multitude of other things besides.

  • Cooperative business

    Our school is a co-operative enterprise, this means that the teachers and admin staff are the owners and are involved in 100% of everything we do. There are thirteen partners who collaborate as a team daily to constantly improve how we work every day; we assess our work and pay the closest attention to detail so that there is always a great atmosphere in the school.