I will never forget your generosity. My house is your house. Thanks a million!


So much fun and a bunch of really helpfull people there, 100% recommendation.


Everybody in the school is very nice and caring. They all treated me very well.


A special and unique experience. Availability, courtesy and help to best learn the language.


It´s a quite new, modern school with a friendly atmosphere, friendly and helpful teachers, small classes and fair prices.


Are you looking for a school to learn Spanish? Come to Cronopios! Classes are fun, instructive and we can talk a lot!


The structure of the classes is great. You can learn Spanish in a very short time.


It´s better to learn a language with a family, and Cronopios Idiomas is like a familiy for us all.


I have progressed a lot and I have enjoyed Madrid, it has been perfect!


I don’t know how to thank you for all that you’ve done for me. I had the best Spanish lessons ever. I liked the topics studied, and I always had fun. Thank you all! Keep it up! Kisses!


There’s nobody so cheerful, kind and hospitable as people working at Cronopios Idiomas. Nice school. I strongly recommend you to go there!


The experience exceeded my expectations: I met people from a lot of countries, I learnt a lot and I´m leaving looking forward to come back to Spain again.


Teachers are always on time, they are skillful and well-prepared. The palce is very nace, it has good premises and it´s very close from the city center.


Cronopios is such a welcoming place. I was always excited to come to class and anytime I had a problem or question about Spanish or Spain, the staff went out of their way to help me.


Excellent value for money. This course was of a very highs standard, I learned more in one week that I would ever have believed. I would highly recommend this school.


Cronopios Idiomas is not only one of the best schools to learn Spanish, but also a family. Besides, you have the opportunity to learn Spanish history and culture.


Very good, I learnt a lot and everything is organized properly, and the teachers and the staff are very nice – I didn´t feel like I were at the school, I felt like home.

Rhea Lebanon

My wife, Kate, and I, came to Madrid three months ago. We were a little bit scared and we didn´t know anybody, but once we got to Cronopios, we felt at home, it´s a special place!


In Cronopios, everyone is like family, learning Spanish is a pleasure. If you want to really enjoy everything, best if you stay for at least 2 weeks.


Despite of the relaxed and happy mood of the school, the teachers are very professional and they always follow the program.


I will never have enough words to thank you. I’m very sad to leave the school, but I’m sure that when I will be in the States and people will ask me what’s going on in Madrid, I will proudly answer: Pedro, Santiago, Olga, Sergio, Eugenia, Mario y Laura.


Your offers, prices and innovative teaching methods convinced me. Moreover, I like your social commitment and the fact that yours is a teachers cooperative, I think this is a very nice way of running a language school.


Cronopios Idiomas has been an incredibly positive part of my life in Madrid. Teachers were excellent and care so much about the students. This school is like a comfort zone for us foreigners. It´s much more than a school, and I will miss it.


I loved my time here at the school. Everyone is very welcoming and patient. My teacher Mario was excellent and I think anyone joining his classes are very lucky. I hope to come back in the future.


I learnt Spanish in a fun way. Thanks to Cronopios, living in Madrid has been a great experience. The teachers helped me not only with the language but also with anything I needed help, and they are very nice.