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Spanish courses

At Cronopios Idiomas, we care about didactical quality and personalized attention. Our school is created and managed by teachers with years of experience. You'll learn in an active, fun and effective way, always in small groups up to 8 students.
And when we talk about hours, we mean real hours.

  • Intensive course

    20 hours per week.

    Our intensive courses are the best choice for you if you want to learn Spanish in a quick way. For 4 hours a day, this course encourages learning in a context of total immersion. Every day, the last hour of your intensive course lies in different activities: from Monday to Wednesday, communicative workshops mainly oriented to improve your speaking competence and your writing and grammar skills through funny and creative activities;
    Thursdays, you will enjoy a cultural workshop; and finally, Fridays, a guided city tour so that you keep learning while you get to know Madrid´s hot spots.


    18 hours per week.

    If you are a complete beginner, we have a course especially designed for you: 3 hours per day of effective and participative learning in the general course, plus two communicative workshops Tuesdays and Thursdays that will help you to get confident and improve your fluency. Fridays you will enjoy a funny activity outside the school designed to enlarge your linguistic competence.

    Are you an absolute beginner? Then our next courses for you begin September 1st.


    22 hours per week.

    If you really want to dive into Spanish language, this is the best choice for you. Besides the general course, the three communicative workshops, the cultural workshop and the guided tour around Madrid, you will have two one-to-one extra classes per week, in order to cover your specific needs and to practice and learn what you are really interested in.

  • Standard course

    15 hours per week

    Do you want to take it easier? Then take our standard course, with three full hours per day of General Spanish Course.

    Our standard courses are what you need if you come to live to Madrid for a while, and you want to learn Spanish in a fast but relaxing way.

All these courses may be available in the morning and in the afternoon, and start every Monday.
Do you hesitate? Follow our quiz to know which is the best course for you and then return to our website.

  • DELE Spanish Exam Preparation Course

    4 hours per week

    DELE Diplomas take place three times per year and are official qualifications granted by Instituto Cervantes. At Cronopios Idiomas you can take a specific DELE course for any of the six official levels taught by teachers accredited as DELE examiners. From two to five weeks, the course will familiarize you with the test model, and it will give you the tools to face the exam with confidence.

    the DELE Spanish Preparation Course for the August DELE exam will be taught from the last week of July.


    Variable schedule

    You can add one or two one-to-one lessons to your course, or take them separately. The schedule and number of hours will be subject to the teachers' advice and to availability. One-to-one lessons are custom-made, so that you practice and learn what you need.

    If you are looking for Spanish for specific purposes (Business Spanish, or other fields), ask for an adapted budget.

Prices: Special Summer Offers!*

Intensive course
Includes 3 communicative workshops, a cultural workshop and a guided tour.
20 hours per week 150€ per week
Intensive course for beginners
Includes 2 communicative workshops plus an educational activity outside the school
18 hours per week 140€ per week
Intensive Plus
Includes 3 communicative workshops, a cultural workshop, a guided tour plus wto one-to-one lessons.
22 hours per week 190€ per week
Standard course 15 hours per week 125€ per week
135€ plus an outdoor activity
One-to-one lessons Subject to availability 30€ every 1 hour lesson
25€ for students attending other courses
DELE Course 4 hours per week 44€ per week Register

Registration fee: 35€. It's payed once and it includes all the didactical material for the lessons and the activities of the school.

Summer offers are valid for bookings made before August 15th 2014 and courses starting before 31st August 2014.

Long term discounts
  • 5% in every course for enrollments from 6 to 11 weeks.
  • 10% in every course for enrollments from 12 to 17 weeks.
  • 12% in every course for enrollments from 18 to 23 weeks.
  • 15% in every course for enrollments from 24 weeks.

Other discounts
  • 5% in every course: for former Cronopios' students; language teachers; relatives of currently Cronopios’ students; 2, 3 or 4 students if they do the enrollment together; unemployed people.

    Whether you're staying for just a week in Madrid or planning a long term stay, Cronopios Idiomas can help you to find accommodation that best fits your needs and requirements at very convenient prices.

    We can find you a room in a hotel, hostel or shared apartment. However if you prefer real immersion then we can help you to contact a Spanish family that you can live with whilst here in Madrid.

    Accommodation & rates


    Cronopios Idiomas is a school that specialises in the teaching of Spanish. We are born from a group of teachers who wanted to work together to create a different language school, one that is managed by them. We are all highly motivated teachers, professionally qualified and focused on the teaching of Spanish.

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    We are right in the center, close to Paseo del Prado street, one of the main avenues in Madrid. Our premises are located in one of the most fashionable areas in town, Huertas, a lively neighborhood, full of bars, restaurants and historical buildings.

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At Cronopios we work and cooperate with organizations who believe in Social Economy and with several schools of Spanish language all around.

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