Working conditions for SFL teachers

SFL teachers undergo tremendous stress: they love their job and take the preparation of their classes very seriously; however, the working conditions for SFL teachers are bad in most schools. Students usually don’t feel this tension: the teachers are very professional and they want the best for their students. But who is responsible for this situation?

The answer is pretty obvious: the schools’ owners must be able to run a business model that guarantees gainful employment for its workers and a good service for its customers. Apparently, many schools don’t accomplish this: we know it because the teachers at Cronopios Idiomas have worked in other schools before and also because many SFL teachers say so. Students can learn about their teachers’ working conditions if they ask them directly.

Our school has got a commitment to guarantee high-quality lessons and good working conditions. At Cronopios Idiomas the teachers have time to prepare their lessons and don’t have to participate in after-school activities; we all receive equal pay, well above the collective bargaining agreement; our recruitment policy forces us to sign permanent contracts as soon as possible; and our working schedule always takes into account the balance of family and work life and the workers’ rest periods. Once they have been working with us for more than two years, the employees can become partners and participate in the assemblies were decisions are made in order to keep building a different school altogether.

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