What’s the best way to learn Spanish?

What’s the best way to learn Spanish? is one of the most common questions students ask us when they come to our school Cronopios Idiomas. Today we would like to give a proper and detailed answer to it today in our blog.

When people decide to learn a foreign language, they must know it will require time and effort. Sometimes in the learning process the studentn will feel frustrated and desperate, but in the long term they will experience a huge satisfaction as they are being able to communicate with native speakers.

Nowadays there are so many different methods and ways to learn a foreign language as per preference, and we cannot state that one is better than the others. However, we can recommend you some of them that are proved to work  effectively.

Firstly, regarding the place to learn, most new students sign up for a course at a language school, that can be either on site or online. On the contrary, some of them prefer to do it on their own at home, using a textbook or some online material.

The most common option among those who learn Spanish in a Spanish-speaking country is an on site course. This kind of courses is usually very intensive, i. e., between 3 and 4 hours a day. However for students who work at the same time, a twice a week course is a good choice. In this last case the learning progress is much slower. Besides, some students need to see a very clear and welldefined goal by learning Spanish and that is why they decide to prepare themselves for the DELE Spanish Diploma. This official title certifies the competence of Spanish a student has reached and it is a requirement that Spanish Universities set for foreign students is required by Spanish universities to study.

As to learning tools textbooks are the preferred option and language schools use it following a progression set up by the CEFR. You must know there is a big variety of textbooks on the market and many of them are really good and useful. They offer a comprehensive number of excercises according to the skills learners must develop to master Spanish properly, such as reading, listening, writing and speaking. These four skills are practiced in different ways.

Additionally, other students, specially the younger ones, who are used to the digital world, are fond of using devices and apps to learn a foreign language. And of course, quite a lot of students take advantage of all these ways and combine a textbook with an app, a digital programm with interactive contents…

Furthermore, as many learners love cinema and series, they enjoy learning Spanish by watching them movies and series in original version (sometimes with subtitles). This way of learning is really helpful to acquire vocabulary and some cultural information too.

After having mentioned the previous information on where to learn, what kind of course to take, what material and tools to use and related aspects we should ask ourselves again the question that has led us to write this article: what is the best way to learn Spanish?

As we already said, the different ways to learn Spanish will depend on the needs and kinds of students. For this reason  we cannot exclude any method or technique. But, in our opinion, there are some good and useful ways that can help you to learn Spanish more efficiently.

First of all, an on-site course is in general the most suitable option. But why?

Language learning studies have proved that learning a language in a class with other students with the same needs makes the process and the experience more effective and enjoyable. Actually, we see it every day at Cronopios Idiomas. Our students dive into a deep yet enjoyable learning process in a comfortable atmosphere. Although we use a textbook due to the aforementioned reasons, we always encourage our students to use  other tools and techniques such as  board games, songs or going together to some exhibitions.

We are located near the most famous art museums in Madrid (The Prado Museum, Thyssen-Bonermisza Museum and Reina Sofía National Art Museum). Moreover, as the Buen Retiro Park is very close to us, we often practice Spanish in the open air there when the weather is pleasant.

What's the best way to learn Spanish?

We are a Spanish School managed by teachers

Another advantage of learning a language following a course is that teachers get to know you and your needs well. It means that your teacher guides you properly in your learning proccess by giving you advice and helping you in the best way (that matches your needs).

Furthermore, at Cronopios Idiomas we also focus on those students who prefer to learn online or combine both ways of courses (on-site and online). For this reason we provide them with a virtual classroom, where they can practice Spanish in a remote environment.

Last but not least, it is important to be patient in your learning process and try to use the language in every opportunity that comes up for you.

Therefore, what’s the best way to learn Spanish? We are a Spanish school managed by teachers focus on quality teaching and recommend taking a course with us.

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