The origin of Madrid

Most Madrilenians don’t know about the origin of Madrid. The orginal name of the city was “Mayrit”, an arab word that may mean “plenty of water”. In Madrid there’s no navigable river and the city is far from any sea. The, why calling it “plenty of water”?.

Emir Mohamed I of Cordoba (852-886) built a fortress and a small town surrounded by a wall, in the area where the Royal Place stays now. This is the ideal place for lookouts, in fortified towns, very usual at the time, and the undersoil is full of underground water, useful in case of attack.

Nowadays we can visit arab city wall nearby Cuesta de la Vega Street, where at the time there was a gate. You can learn futher about Madrid, joining our cultural workshops and guided city tours.

Visita guiada a la muralla árabe

Guided city tour to Arab walls

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