Spanish courses for level B2

Levels B1 and B2 represent the intermediate stage of mastery or independent use of the language, a fundamental stage in the consolidation of the language, with level B2 being the last before the level C1. B2 is where students achieve a sufficient range of linguistic and non-linguistic resources to participate in communicative exchanges with a degree of precision, fluency and naturalness so that their interlocutors do not have to make any particular effort. In addition, they acquire an awareness of the language that allows them to avoid mistakes that give rise to misunderstandings and to avoid situations of ambiguity. Spanish courses for level B2 involve the consolidation phase of the language, not only at a linguistic and communicative level but also as an intercultural speaker, autonomous learner and social agent, which is why Spanish courses for level B2 are fundamental in our journey of Spanish as a foreign language. Choosing a Spanish course well for level B2 is the key to success to close the door of the grammatical, lexical and basic functional content of Spanish and open, in turn, the mastery and perfection that level C supposes.

Objectives of Spanish courses for level B2

As we have explained previously, level B2 or advanced level is the last step before starting the higher level and mastery of C1 and C2, a level at which the student already enjoys sufficient linguistic independence thanks to its wide lexical range and functional, as well as an optimal control of the grammatical basis of the language.

The objectives of a B2 level Spanish course will be aimed at consolidating the Spanish language in all its aspects. This consolidation will allow the student to function in any ordinary transaction of their daily life. We must not forget that, in addition to the linguistic and functional contents of a language, we have fundamental cultural issues that the student must also learn. In this sense, the objectives of a B2 level contemplate the awareness of the student of cultural diversity, accept this diversity and take advantage of it as a source of knowledge, in addition to strengthening their motivations, their sensitivity and openness towards other cultures, in particular towards that of the Hispanic countries. This content is very important in the development of the student’s daily life, who will have to deal with complex and delicate intercultural situations. Cultural or intercultural errors often lead to very unpleasant situations that we have to avoid in class.

Spanish courses for level B2

Last but not least, a fundamental objective of a B2 level Spanish course must seek to strengthen the student’s autonomy. The student must consciously and autonomously manage their own learning of Spanish, develop their own strategies and exercise conscious control over the affective factors that influence the language learning process.

As we can see, the objectives of a B2 level course are many and important. Achieving them will be essential in the consolidation of the language by the student; the role of the teacher, together with the characteristics and programming of the course, will play a fundamental role in achieving these objectives.

The grammar level in our B2 Spanish courses

We have previously described the objectives of a B2 Spanish course and it seems that we have tiptoed over the grammar issue. Grammar is of basic importance at this level, since it will be in B2 where the student completes their grammatical study of Spanish, not only in terms of studying verb tenses, but also, and almost more importantly, their use.

The review of previous grammatical contents, such as the past tenses, together with an in-depth study of all the subordination in Spanish will be two of the fundamental points of the grammar program of the level. Within this subordination our beloved subjunctive plays a basic role. The student will study the rest of the verb tenses of the subjunctive mood and their use within subordinate sentences: the conditional, concessive or relative ones will be grammatical content at this level.

How is grammar approached in a B2 level of Spanish? In the same way as in the rest of the levels: always in a communicative, functional and relevant way. Grammar is the gear that sets communication in motion together with the lexical component. In our B2 level Spanish courses, grammar always fulfills a communicative function, a function that occurs within real and pertinent contexts for the student. In this way, not only a greater motivation is achieved on the part of the student, but the grammar is assimilated in a more effective and adequate way.

The communication in the B2 level

Communication at a B2 level of Spanish is like a goal in a soccer game: it is our primary objective. You only learn a language by speaking, so communicating and putting everything studied in class into operation in that communication is the only way to learn a language. All objectives and grammar specified above are always communication oriented.

Asking, giving advice or reacting, transmitting what others have said, expressing opinions, agreement and disagreement or narrating events and events from the past are just some of the functions that communication will be aimed at at a B2 level of Spanish.

The linguistic tools that the student has at this level are greater than those of the same student at lower levels, with which, we must take advantage of this circumstance to always favor interaction on the part of our students. The teacher must always favor communication in the classroom. The class manual and academic programming will help us, in turn, to motivate the student with topics that are appropriate, pertinent and close to their reality.

What kind of activities will be done in B2 courses?

All the activities and exercises that we carry out in the Spanish courses for level B2 will have as objective communication, pertinent, real communication and adapted to the linguistic and functional contents of the level, starting from our approach by tasks.

Thus, when we study the relative sentences the student will have to simulate the purchase of a grammar book using indicative or subjunctive, depending on the idea of that object that he has in mind. Carrying out this real communicative exchange, which you may need in your day-to-day life, puts the studied grammar, lexical resources and functions into operation. In addition, these activities will be carried out in pairs or in a group which will help, in turn, to the cohesion of the same.

Other exercises at level B2 will have important playful elements that will help the assimilation of what has been studied, For example, the realization of the game called pasapalabra in groups or pairs to review relative sentences with prepositions or the description of the ideal boss or couple in which The student must use the perfect past subjunctive or the compound infinitive, together with the appropriate lexical resources. Both activities contain healthy play and competition elements that promote learning and group cohesion.

How do I know if I have a B2 level?

The best way is to come to our school, get to know it and take the placement test that we have, in addition, our coordinator or one of our teachers will chat with you for a little while to corroborate this level.These leveling tools are fairly accurate, though not perfect, and give us a true X-ray of the students’ level.

However, if once in the classroom you think that your level is higher or lower there is no problem of any kind. We have absolute flexibility to respond to student needs, so come on and visit us!Achieving level B2 is at your fingertips!

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