Our school offers after-school activities so that our students have fun, meet people and enjoy our wonderful city. Every evening during the weekdays, once the classes are finished, there are different kinds of activities, such as cultural tours, language exchange, excursions to parks or meetings to have some cañas and tapas. This program of activities works thanks to the collaboration between our school and two amazing people that will make you feel at home: Roxana and Servando.

“We are Roxana and Servando, two young Madrid lovers: its hidden spots, its cañas and tapas, its parks… but, above all, we love the cultural diversity of our city. We really enjoy meeting people from all over the world and making them feel comfortable during their stay in Madrid.

We have been travelers ourselves; we´ve learned a foreign language too, and that´s why we can understand the needs and wishes of the students who come to Madrid to learn Spanish.

We want the students to feel like they belong in Madrid, we want to become friends with them, practice Spanish and let them know and enjoy the best places in Madrid, and in doing so we believe their time in Madrid will be an unforgettable experience. Madrid can offer a world to the student, and we will help you find out about it”.

Roxana y Servando

Roxana y Servando

Se Habla Español

Photos of activities