Conversation and culture classes

Conversation and culture classes, along with the excursion, are included in the Intensive 20+5 and Intensive Plus courses. They can also be signed up for separately at the price of 30 per week.

  • What do we do in our communicative workshops?

    We practice spoken communication in a spontaneous way. The students have fun while at the same time putting what they have learnt into practice in different situations: role-plays, games and debates. The communicative workshops help give the students more confidence when speaking.

  • What do we do in our cultural workshops?

    Become familiar with the cultural richness of our city by means of an array of different materials. Laura, an expert in art history, and Mario, an expert in the history of Madrid, have developed an original programme of workshops which are tailored to each level and serve as an introduction to the excursions.

  • What we do on our cultural excursions?

    Visit the famous landmarks of Madrid to learn first-hand about their significance and the stories behind them. Exploring the city in the company of a teacher helps the students feel more comfortable getting around, as do the geographical map and the sociocultural context which these excursions provide.